2018 - Producer | Director | Writer | Editor

The retirement of Abigail’s manager leaves her as the last human employee in one of the oldest branches in the country. Forresters is the largest chain of retail stores on the planet and it’s heavy push towards mechanisation has left most of its human employees hanging by a thread. 

Alongside her fellow high tech machine employee ‘Bertie’, Abigail embarks on attempting to make her role relevant in an industry where humans are now becoming surplus to requirements whilst fighting to maintain her own sanity. That said, in a world where everything and everyone is easily replaced, who at Forresters really is safe?

Sci-fi drama starring Shelley-Ann Harrison.



2017 - Director | Editor

After years of turmoil, a beleaguered parent turns to her son’s first ever female Psychiatrist for ideas on how to improve their lives.  Mum discusses her family history and the ups and downs of the son she loves very much whilst his Psychiatrist listens on, but how far gone is her son?  Can the new Psychiatrist really make a difference? And is something more sinister a foot?

Psychological thriller starring Gemma Layton.



2014 - Producer | Director | Actor | Editor

Based in a dystopian future, a young woman battles to survive against the backdrop of armed robots, bounty hunters and a computerised prison.  Her only hope of escape appears to be collecting the computer chips from the robots she defeats, but how many will she need to escape and how long can she go on with such huge odds against her?

Sci Fi action film starring Emily Lawrence. Filmed for SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Film Challenge.


Further work from Jonathan Lloyd James


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