Born in Cardiff Wales, Jonathan Lloyd James had immersed himself in writing from a young age. With a passion for storytelling and a desire to entertain he initially trained as a pro-wrestler before turning his head to the world of film. He joined an amateur dramatic society to continue his creative outlook, making his incredibly ambitious first film Fairy Dust (2009). From there he went on to study an MA in Film Production and has ever since been collaborating on projects, with his own work prominently in the comedy genre. 

Shortly after graduating from the University of Glamorgan he formed a comedy ensemble Clipbored (2010-12) who broke the barrier between the online world and the small screen with numerous sketches being aired weekly. They had a strong online presence and with their success lead them to perform at The Cardiff Comedy Festival in 2012 at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. In recent years he has collaborated with London Comedy Writers producing a number of sketches and the dark thriller short film, Mucky Pup (2017). 

Throughout his career he has held many credits producing and editing music videos for artists such as Carw ‘Dragau’ for S4C and The Dirty Youth ‘Just Move On’ for Kerrang. He has produced, edited and starred in Mice of Men (2014) for the SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Film Challenge, a locations manager for the feature film The Reverend (2012) and a second assistant director for IRIS Prize: Little Man (2012) for BBC Cymru. 

In 2016 he graduated from The New York Film Academy and with this a new outlook inspired him to delve into the world of drama where a year later Retail was born. Mixing dark humour with a look at how technology will continue to develop in future years, he now seeks to inspire audiences with a moving look at the future of employment. In a Buzz Magazine interview (c. March, 2015) he explained, “never be afraid of writing about a subject just because it’s controversial”, advice he certainly took on board throughout his creative career and will endeavour to inspire on future projects.


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